Seriously though…

If, like me, you clicked on a link wondering why someone is charging you $10/week for something you didn’t sign up for (in fact, for a website that didn’t exist – I know this because when I came to this site to see where my money had gone, I found the domain wasn’t even registered! So I got it and put this message up)…

Turns out, you’ve been subscribed to some premium SMS service by a company called MIA SPHERE LIVE* – call them on 1300 724 406 and cancel their sneaky subscription.

All the best to you!

*Mirror Image Access is the company, Sphere is their product, Digital Turbine Pty Ltd is the parent company.

Go on…

here are some contact details for you.. I recommend blocking these ‘premium’ services completely:

Telstra 1800 338 052

Optus 133 937

Vodafone 1300 650 410